Expert Testimony Services

Artificial smoke is used to assess ventilation hood performance

Artificial smoke is used to assess ventilation hood performance

We provide expert reports to the Courts when work is blamed for causing ill-health.

We work for Claimants and Defendants, and can provide advice to Solicitors and Barristers prior to the commissioning of the Expert Report. We are familiar with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules.

In some cases, work may have an impact over the site boundary, with noise and odours affecting the neighbouring community. We have produced reports in this scenario too.

Frequently, the management of health hazards at work has not been managed effectively, and we are able to analyse and report on deficiencies leading to ill health or discomfort.

Contact or telephone +44 (0)7860 266607, for more in depth detail on the kind of expert testimony services we can offer.

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Occupational Hygiene

This is a scientific discipline concerned with the effects of work upon health and vice versa. The professional practice of occupational hygiene is regulated by the British Occupational Hygiene Society. The status of Chartered Occupational Hygienist is the highest qualification that the BOHS awards. It recognises academic and practical ability, combined with professional development.


We will quote a fixed fee for receiving papers, reading and research, site investigation, draft report for review and the final editing and submission.